Money on Fiverr

I have been working on Fiverr since 2013 & made a very good income. Fiverr is a very nice opportunity for people to earn by working online.

There are hundreds of things you can do on Fiverr. You can earn around $5 or multiple of $5 for one single task.

How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Now everyone talks about making money on Fiverr. Thousands of people are making good income on Fiverr & many of the people are making their fortune from Fiverr. So what exactly this Fiverr is and how do you earn money on Fiverr.

As we have already discussed some brief history of Fiverr, its a market place where you can use your skill & provide small services to other people for $5. Now the question is what you can do for others & how much you have to work for $5. Fiverr has changed a lot in the last 2 years and now it has grown into a full fledged marketplace.

In fact it has become the worlds biggest marketplace where even highly experienced people are joining to give their high paid services for $5. One of the main reason for this shift is,they get volume on Fiverr (large number of orders) & so the chance to make big money on Fiverr.

It was a great question for the experts that how much money they can make if they join Fiverr. How many $5 gigs they can complete in 1 day. And how people, who are already selling the same service for $20 to $50 can expect bigger money through Fiverr.

But when people started to work on Fiverr, its has changed their misconception. Hundreds and even thousands of the sellers got so much response on Fiverr that they had to leave everything and get focused on Fiverr only.

One of the seller ‘blue89red’ on Fiverr who designs professional logo in one of his gig has received more than 3000 order on this single gig. Just check in the image that he already has 66 orders in queue. Every order for $5.

It means this number is an indication for an average numbers of orders per day. And yes this is from a single gig. Everyone can create up to 20 gigs. so just find out how much he is making.

Another seller who is an SEO expert (search engine optimization expert) provide his services. Just check the image below and you will be surprised that he has more than 349 orders in queue and already completed more than 10,000 gigs. He is making big money on Fiverr.

Yes, once being there, you will find hundreds of seller making even more money than these sellers. This is a different story that whether these sellers are managing these gigs by hiring some employee or through automatic software but its clear that people are making money like anything on Fiverr.

You just need to dig out the gold mine and once you find it, you too can earn similar money on Fiverr. So just go, research & get some Fiverr secrets and start making some real money.

Watch the video for complete step by step earning money of Fiverr


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