Buy & Sell Domain

The normal price of a domain is not more than $10 or $15

But if a company or individual wants to buy a domain of their choice & if that domain is available with someone else then sometime they may pay thousands of dollars to get that domain.

Here is the opportunity to research and find some domain that may fetch premium price in future but at present you can buy it in less than $10 from GoDaddy.

See Below some useful websites for domain buy and sell

Site no 01

Site no 02

Site no 03

Site no 04

Site no 05

Some Useful things before you buy a domain for flipping

Before you decide to buy domains with potential to leverage nice profit, it is advisable to perform a little research to find out if they worth investment of time, money and efforts.

Choose a domain name with short names or one which are easy to remember so that the visitors to the site do not forget.
It is advisable not to purchase domain names which include the underscore or hyphen. Search engines ignore such domain names as they are less relevant.
Try to find out domain name that is more relevant to the niche industr
Do not choose domain names that infringe copyright of another business. Stay clear with such domain name to get success in search engine page results.
Avoid using misspelled names or one that involves spelling mistakes
Domain names with dot com are more popular than dot biz or dot net. This does not mean that Domain names other than dot com fail to make money.
It is advisable to get registrar account to make money from domain flipping as they are easy, cheap and reliable

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